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Love Every Animal Organization is a Non-profit ID#30-0212293 based in San Francisco, CA and does not have any affiliation with a similarly named company based out of Tennessee that is using our video and website content without our permission! Please direct any questions to us!

Animal Rescue Centers and Pet Adoption in San Francisco, California

Love Every Animal Organization in San Francisco, CA offers animal rescue, sanctuary, companion and pet adoption services. We proudly do our part to save rescue animals and stop animal abuse. We ensure that each of our animals are matched with a loving home and family.

Save With Our Special Offer, Pet Adoption in San Francisco, CA

At Love Every Animal Organization, we provide the San Francisco Bay Area with a wide selection of healthy animals for adoption. Our selection of adoptable animals encompasses all types of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and rats.

Our animals all come micro-chipped and spayed or neutered with adoption. We place only healthy animals up for adoption and work diligently to match our animals with the best possible homes.

Our affordable adoption fee of $150.00 covers the costs and care for our animals. Stop by our animal shelter today to find your new best friend.

Rescue Animals
To provide the best care for our rescue animals, we work directly with the Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Vaccinations Release program in the area. Since we have limited space available for our rescue animals, we accept rescues based on availability. We encourage San Francisco residents to call the local city agency if you see a stray in the area. In addition, Please consider donating to the left. We appreciate all donations.

Contact us today in San Francisco, California, to learn more about our pet adoption services or our rescue animals.

Associations: Defense of Animals, PETA, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society